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Update! National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 2 important changes to provider payments that you need to know about.

Ndis ndia update to provider payments

Looking for the latest updates on NDIS provider payments? Stay informed with YCPM’s blog post on the recent changes impacting provider payments under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our expert insights cover essential details, ensuring you’re up-to-date and prepared to navigate the evolving landscape of disability support services. Explore our blog now for valuable information and guidance on managing NDIS provider payments effectively.

Do you have a core supports budget that includes consumables?

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Do you have a core supports budget that includes consumables and not sure how to use it?  We are here to help you.  Consumables are items you need every day, but not everyday items.  An example of a consumable is continence products and low-cost assistive technology items such as a shower chair.  These are not […]

Have you filled in the NDIS consent form


Have you filled in the NDIS Consent Form? What is the NDIS Consent Form? Once complete and signed the NDIS consent form allows us to talk to the NDIS about your supports on your behalf.   Why is this helpful? Your plan manager can contact the NDIS if you have any questions about your funding […]

Careview Advantage App


Did you know YCPM offers our clients access to the Careview Advantage app which offers real-time information about your NDIS plan funding. Some advantages of using the Careview Advantage are: View and approve or decline your invoices See your budget totals at any time, 24/7  Additional transparency of your NDIS funding, in addition to the […]

What is a My Provider in PACE?

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With the rollout of the new NDIA computer system called PACE over the next eighteen months, the new system includes some significant changes for providers. One of the changes which effects participants is to endorse your preferred provider for any NDIA managed funding in your plan. Your preferred provider will be known as your My […]

Benefits of Not-for-profit Plan Managers


Did you know Your Choice Plan Management is a not-for-profit team of trusted Plan Managers who go above and beyond to make your life easier! Your Choice Plan Management is one of the business units under our umbrella company Your Best Life Disability and Health Services Ltd.  Your Best Life Disability and Health Services is […]

NDIS – Understanding Invoice Processing

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The NDIA operates within a complex framework, requiring stringent adherence to specific guidelines and regulations.  Plan managers are required to follow these guidelines to ensure compliance when processing invoices funded through an NDIS plan. Best Practices for Efficient Invoice Processing Efficiency is key to ensure your invoices are claimed and paid promptly.  Using specific Artifical […]

What to expect at your next NDIS Plan Review

Ndis plan management

What to expect with your next NDIS Plan Review During your Plan Review, we explain everything about NDIS Participant Check-ins, automatic extensions and more.Contact our team here NDIS Plan Reviews You may have noticed that your NDIS plan is treated differently now when your end date is nearing. Many plans are automatically extend without prior […]