how does same-day invoicing work?

How does same-day invoicing work?

Our Plan Managers pay their NDIS Providers within 24 hours!

Guaranteed Same-day Invoice Processing

Your Choice Plan Management automatically processes your invoices as soon as we receive them. Our invoice batches are uploaded to the NDIS every day.

We guarantee same-day processing of all invoices received. This helps your cash flow, and boosts your business confidence. It also provides NDIS participants with certainty in terms of continuity of services from you.

Your Choice Plan Management has invested in smart reader software that automatically ‘reads’ your invoice and processes it against your client’s NDIA Plan which is pre-loaded into our sophisticated plan management software.

If there is a problem with your invoice, we will contact you or your client to solve the problem. Common problems include coding errors, incorrect support categories, missing information, or exceeding the NDIS Price Guide cap.

The NDIS typically pays overnight and we forward payment to your bank account on the same day that we receive it. We also email the remittance advice to you.

Mail your invoice to us: Your Choice Plan Management, PO Box 5253, SCMC Nambour, QLD 4560

Email us at:

Phone us on 1300 497 492 or (07) 5441 4937


Same-day Invoice Processing – providers love us!

Our Plan managers process your invoices on the same day we receive them. We upload all claims to the NDIS on the same day; we don’t hold onto your claimed funds. 

Terms and Conditions

Send your invoices to us before 12pm on any weekday and your invoice will be processed on the same day and paid the next. To guarantee this process, the following applies:

  • Tax invoice with an active ABN, as per the NDIS guidelines
  • It needs to be a PDF, excel and word attachments have to be processed manually
  • Emailed to
  • Active service bookings in place for the Participant
  • Invoices received on weekends or public holidays will be processed the next business day

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