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NDIS – Understanding Invoice Processing

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The NDIA operates within a complex framework, requiring stringent adherence to specific guidelines and regulations.  Plan managers are required to follow these guidelines to ensure compliance when processing invoices funded through an NDIS plan.

Best Practices for Efficient Invoice Processing

Efficiency is key to ensure your invoices are claimed and paid promptly.  Using specific Artifical Intelligence (AI) technology assists plan managers to manage the volume of invoices received and ensures your provider invoices are processed promptly.

For an invoice to be compliant, it must contain the following information.

1.            State that the document is a Tax invoice

2.            Providers identity (name and logo) and an active Australian Business Number (ABN)

3.            Date that the invoice or receipt was issued

4.            Description of the services or supports delivered

5.            The participants name and NDIS number (if known)

6.            GST amount (if applicable)

7.            Quantity of service or support, including NDIS support item name and number (if known)

8.            Clear details of how payment should be processed.

Once these details are checked, the invoice can be claimed and processed by the plan manager.


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Challenges and Solutions

The NDIA states a plan manager has five business days from receipt of a provider invoice to complete the compliance and claim.  When the funds are disbursed to the plan manager from the NDIA, the plan manager has two business days to process the payment.  The NDIA requires plan managers to follow these procedures diligently to ensure prompt payment.

One challenge is the volume of non-compliant invoices received and remain within the NDIA guidelines of five days to process.

At YCPM, if the provider invoice is not compliant, the plan manager will discuss the issues with you, the provider or even a key stakeholder such as a Support Coordinator, whoever is given consent at the time of onboarding.

Why we’re a better choice

Mastering the intricacies of NDIA invoice processing is paramount for plan managers.  At YCPM we follow the NDIA processes which gives you peace of mind that your provider invoices will be compliant.

At YCPM we have invested in technology to ensure we are managing our clients invoices efficiently and effectively.  We do this by utilising Careview’s additional feature called Streamline, AI (Artificial Intelligence) ensuring invoice processing is faster and more reliable.  Careview is purpose-built CRM software for plan management.


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