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Benefits of Not-for-profit Plan Managers


Did you know Your Choice Plan Management is a not-for-profit team of trusted Plan Managers who go above and beyond to make your life easier!

Your Choice Plan Management is one of the business units under our umbrella company Your Best Life Disability and Health Services Ltd.  Your Best Life Disability and Health Services is a not-for-profit company and started thirty years ago as the Childrens Therapy Centre in Nambour, Queensland.  Since this time, Your Best Life has branched into six disability and health services providing NDIS services to thousands of clients across Australia.

Our plan management division started at the very beginning of the NDIS rollout on the Sunshine Coast in 2019.

Did you know that there are advantages of choosing a Plan Manager who is a not for profit:

  • Our clients come first; we are here to help you understand your NDIS plan.
  • You are able to move to our services even if you are mid-plan, we won’t claim a set-up fee if your plan is already underway.
  • We don’t hold NDIS payments, we process payments within 24 hours of receipt of our NDIS claims, therefore your providers don’t wait for days or weeks for payment.
  • We are serious about compliance and will ensure we follow the plan management guidelines set by the NDIA.

As a not-for-profit, we are generous and innovative in putting people before profits.

Your Choice Plan Management is part of Your Best Life Disability and Health Services Ltd. An NDIS registered, not-for-profit provider. 

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