Your Choice Plan Management

It's your choice, it's your plan!

Make the switch to NDIS Plan Managers that offer a personalised and friendly service.

You aren't just a number to us!

switching to your choice plan management

Making the switch to Your Choice Plan Management.

Can you change NDIS Plan Managers?

Yes! You have choice and control over your NDIS Plan, including your Plan Manager funding.  

There are no costs involved in changing Plan Managers. 

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Contact us to make the switch

Our friendly Plan Managers will be able to guide you through this process to make the switch to YCPM. 
1300 497 492 or

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Tell your existing plan manager you are switching

Contact your existing plan manager to advise you will be switching to YCPM. If you are unsure what wording to use, please download our transfer form here.

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All done! Start sending invoices.

Now you are ready to send us your invoices for same-day invoice processing. Our team is able to backdate any outstanding invoices for you during this period. 

How to get started with an NDIS Plan Manager?

How do you get NDIS included in your Plan?

At your planning meeting, you can tell NDIS staff or LAC that you would like a Plan Manager to support you. The NDIS will include funding in your plan to pay for your plan manager. Plan Management falls under Improved Life Choices in your NDIS Plan.

Did you know that NDIS Plan Management costs zero cost to you or your Plan!

Each NDIS participant has access to a Plan Manager. The funds are not taken out of your current NDIS funding allotment. The NDIS gives additional funding for your Plan Manager, so no out-of-pocket for you or your NDIS Plan.

What do our plan managers do?

What do NDIS Plan Managers do?


We take care of the invoices and admin for you

Our Plan Managers specialise in all things NDIS. Choose to spend more time on your goals and leave the finance admin to us.


Experienced and knowledgeable NDIS Experts

Our Plan Managers have years of experience working in the disability and NDIS sectors. No question is too big or too small to ask us.


Same-day Invoice Processing* – providers love us!

Our Plan managers process your invoices on the same day we receive them. We upload all claims to the NDIS on the same day; we don’t hold your money.

T&Cs apply

Funding spending

Support with how to best spend your NDIS funding

We stay up to date with the latest changes and updates from the NDIS.

We’ll be able to advise you on what you can and cannot claim – just call us if you are not sure.


You have your own NDIS Budget tracking app!

YCPM allows clients to access your exclusive NDIS App to keep track of your NDIS budget, remaining funds, and invoices.

You will also receive monthly statements, and you can request up to the minute reports at any time.


Personalised response – get a real person on the phone

We pay invoices, but we do so much more than that. We are, first and foremost, a people business!

Our Plan Managers are experienced and knowledgeable and can help you understand your NDIS Plan and budget and other things related to NDIS. Just call us to discuss any issues.

Have any questions about NDIS Plan Management?

We understand that the NDIS can be overwhelming with so much new information. If you have any questions about how NDIS Plan Management can help you or your loved ones, give our friendly team a call. 

No question is too big or too small. 

You can call our team directly on 1300 497 492 or email our team

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