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What is a My Provider in PACE?

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With the rollout of the new NDIA computer system called PACE over the next eighteen months, the new system includes some significant changes
for providers.

One of the changes which effects participants is to endorse your preferred provider for any NDIA managed funding in your plan. Your preferred provider will be known as your My Provider once endorsed and includes your Plan Manager as plan management funding is NDIA managed.

If you are currently working with a Plan Manager and would like to continue with your current Plan Manager when your plan rolls over to PACE, your current Plan Manager will automatically be selected as your My Provider. This means your Plan Manager will be able to continue as usual processing your invoices and monitoring your budgets.

A new client to the NDIS will be required to select a Plan Manager at the planning meeting and your NDIA contact will encourage you to explore the open market to choose your preferred provider. When a plan manager is selected, they will become your My Provider and the NDIA will verify and record your My Provider details for you.

You can change plan managers at any time by contacting your NDIS contact or the National Contact Centre.

How to select a My Provider

Selecting a My Provider is establishing a relationship between yourself and your chosen provider.

There are several ways you can select a My Provider.

  1. Call the National Contact Centre 1800 800 110.
  2. Email the
  3. Ask your plan manager to select on your behalf.

We are you to help you!

If you are considering moving to YCPM for plan management, during your onboarding we will provide you with an easy instruction sheet with steps on the easiest way to select a My Provider.

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