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Meet our newest NDIS Plan Manager in Gympie.

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Meet the newest addition to the Your Choice Plan Management team, Toni. Toni will be providing NDIS Plan Management in Gympie. She is a local Gympie legend in the disability sector, having lived locally in the Gympie area for nearly 20 years. Toni is excited to help NDIS Participants in Gympie and across Australia to […]

How to manage your NDIS Plan?

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If you are new to the NDIS, the next question you may be wondering is how you would like to manage your NDIS plan. There are three ways that you can manage your NDIS Plan: self-managed, plan managed, NDIS managed (also known as agency managed). Option 1: Self Manage your NDIS Plan When you self-manage […]

How to claim your NDIS invoices on the same day.

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How to claim your NDIS invoices on the same day. Your Choice Plan Management team answers frequently asked questions about NDIS same-day invoice processing. How to claim on the same day? To make sure your NDIS invoices are processed on the same day, all invoices must be received from your providers and sent to YCPM […]

NDIS Plan Management near me?

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Your Choice Plan Management are excited to announce new locations across Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Caboolture. Making NDIS Plan Management more accessible for our local community. This month YCPM will be introducing multiple locations for face-to-face appointments in Moreton Bay, Gympie, and Nambour. We are excited for the opportunity to make NDIS Plan Management services […]

What is NDIS Plan Management?

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Are you new to the NDIS and wondering what NDIS Plan Management is? For participants new to the NDIS it can be very daunting, especially when it comes time to choose to be self-managed, NDIA managed or Plan Managed. So we thought we’d thought we would break it down and let you know what we […]

What happens to leftover NDIS funding?


Do you know what happens if you have leftover NDIS funding? Some of the most common questions our NDIS Plan Managers get is regarding their remaining funding. Q – What happens if I don’t spend all my NDIS funding?Q – Will I get less funding on my following NDIS plan review if I still have […]

Continuing your Mindcare through COVID-19.

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Your Best Life Disability and Health Services CEO, Debbie Blumel’s most recent article in My Weekly Preview talks about the recent reappearance of COVID-19 and mental health. “You could almost hear the disappointment last week when COVID-19 reappeared on the Sunshine Coast. We all want to embrace the safety and good fortune of life in […]

Track your NDIS Funding in real time with our app.

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Track your NDIS funding in real time with our app. Our Careview Advantage App helps participants and their families track their NDIS funding and spending. Plan your NDIS spending, upload your invoices and receipts, track your claims and payments and view your NDIS budget balances. This easy-to-use app gives participants complete visibility of their NDIS […]

Service Agreements


We help break it down. You may have heard our Plan Managers ask “ do you have a service agreement in place “ when talking with you about your providers. Service agreements sounds like an overwhelming document, but believe us they are not! They allow you to have choice and control in the delivery of […]