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How to claim your NDIS invoices on the same day.

How to claim your NDIS invoices on the same day.

Your Choice Plan Management team answers frequently asked questions about NDIS same-day invoice processing.

How to claim on the same day?

To make sure your NDIS invoices are processed on the same day, all invoices must be received from your providers and sent to YCPM before 12pm.

But don’t worry, anything from our team received after 12pm will be processed the next morning, during the work week.

Why may your claim be rejected?

Our NDIS Plan Managers have listed some of the top reasons why your NDIS claim might not be able to be processed on the same day.

  • Provider invoices will also need to be the correct invoice format. Any excel or word invoices recieved have to be manually processed and may miss the cut off. Please refer to the Provider Cheet Sheet for all the correct information.
  • If your NDIS invoice is claimed and has been rejected in Proda (our automatic invoice processing system), we will need to wait for your new plan payment, this may take some time.
  • Any invoices recieved after 12pm are guaranteed to be processed the next morning (during the work week).

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly NDIS Plan Managers.
1300 497 492 or

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