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What is NDIS Plan Management?

Are you new to the NDIS and wondering what NDIS Plan Management is?

For participants new to the NDIS it can be very daunting, especially when it comes time to choose to be self-managed, NDIA managed or Plan Managed. So we thought we’d thought we would break it down and let you know what we do: NDIS Plan Management!

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Plan Management is having an NDIS provider communicate directly with your service providers, paying your invoices and managing your NDIS funding on your behalf. 

Choosing an NDIS Plan Manager

How to choose if self-management or being Plan Managed is the best thing for you.

Managing your own NDIS plan can be fulfilling and puts you in complete control of managing your NDIS funding. However, this also means that all the admin comes with it. While some people enjoy the hands one responsibility, the amount of work can seem like you are running a small business. Self Managed involves submitting your provider invoices to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and making sure they’re paid, to keeping all your receipts on file in case you’re audited; it’s all down to you.

Focusing on managing your funding can take valuable time away from your goals and doing the things you love.

But that is where Plan Management comes in! By collaborating with a Plan Manager, you and your loved ones can focus on the things that really matter.

Plan Managers can also help increase your choice of providers and enables you to understand NDIS funding.

Does NDIS Plan Management Cost Anything?

NDIS Plan Management costs nothing to you or your plan.

When you are planning your NDIS plan, let the NDIS team know that you are thinking of using a Plan Manager to help support you.

The NDIS will include funding in your plan for a Plan Manager!

Why choose Your Choice Plan Management?

Because we love supporting our clients and making a real difference in their lives. Our experienced team offers a personalised service and goes above and beyond for clients. No question is ever too big or too small.

We guarantee same-day NDIS invoice processing so you can have piece of mind that your providers are being paid promptly and correctly. 

We also keep you up to do with your funding by sending regular reports and you also get access to a FREE NDIS budget tracking app.

We make sure you still have the choice and control over your plan. Let us take the hassle out of invoices so you can spend time doing the things you love.

To see how Your Choice Plan Management can help, contact our friendly team today. We offer Plan Management services Australia-wide via video chat, email or phone.

Or you can visit one of our Plan Managers on the Sunshine Coast office face to face.

1300 497 492

If you or your loved ones are needing more information about NDIS Plan Managment, don’t hesitate to contact YCM with any questions.

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