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Plan Managers vs Support Coordinators

What’s the difference between Plan Managers and Support Coordinators?

Plan Managers assist and support NDIS participants to manage and get the most out of NDIS plans, while Support Coordinators connect participants to service providers that suit their needs.

Plan Managers:

Plan Managers manage and monitor your budget, process invoices on your behalf, and produce statements to help you to track your NDIS Plan expenditure. Plan Management is available for all NDIS Participants with no-out of pocket costs. The service is fully-funded by the NDIS and can be accessed by requesting to include a Plan Manager in your plan.

Our Plan Managers at Your Choice Plan Management go above and beyond for our clients, with a personalised response service and guaranteed same-day invoice processing.

Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators help you to expend your NDIS funds on suitable service providers that you choose.  Support Coordinators manage your support services and can liaise with providers on your behalf. Once your supports and Service Agreements are in place, Support Coordinators typically touch base with you from time to time to ensure you’re happy with the supports or if any adjustments need to be made.

NDIS Plan ManagerSupport Coordinator
Receive invoices and pay your providers for their servicesHelp choose supports and providers
Track your supports and funding budgetsBuild your ability to exercise choice and control to coordinator supports
Manage financial reporting for your NDIS plan by providing monthly statements on your budgetConnect with mainstream community services
Allows you to choose from either NDIA registered or non-registered service providers.
You have choice and control!
Manage Service Agreements, including changing or ending an agreement.

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