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Meet the team – Stacey

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NDIS Plan Manager

Briefly describe what a typical workday looks like for you.
My key tasks are providing support and assistance to our clients with anything related to their NDIS plan, mostly via phone and email but sometimes clients drop into the office. My role is a mix of office based and working from home.

What are the best aspects of your role and why?
The best aspect of my role is helping people to understand their NDIS plan, what supports they have and the best way to use them, I enjoy this because the NDIS world can be quite daunting, especially for those participants experiencing it for the first time and I get a lot of satisfaction from feeling I have helped ease their concerns and, often their worries.
What attracted you to working in the not-for-profit sector?
I love working for an organisation that has customer service as its main objective rather than profit.
Tell us a positive story about your work.
Positives are everyday with a very supportive team and feeling like we make a difference to our clients. At Morayfield we like to have an office theme in line with the time of year, currently I have a very large plastic spider skeleton on my desk for Halloween!
Tell us something about yourself.
Originally from England I have lived in Australia for 21 years, first in Sydney, then Perth for a while but decided the east coast was the place to be and have now been in Queensland for 16 years with my husband and children. I love the beautiful outdoors and you’ll often find me under a tree with a book in my hand.

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