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Looking for assistance with NDIS Plan Management or an NDIS Plan Manager near you? Your Choice Plan Management has local offices on Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Moreton Bay. We also are available Australia wide via email, phone or video chat.

Your Choice Plan Management guarantees Same Day Invoice Processing. This means that your invoices are paid and your provider is notified in real time.

NDIS service providers also love us because their invoices are processed immediately when we receive them.

NDIS participants or providers can email us an invoice or even a photo of the invoice. Our smart software can read the invoice, check it against your NDIA Plan, check that it meets all requirements, and upload the invoice to the NDIS for payment. We forward all payments to the correct recipient immediately.

How do we do this? Your Choice Plan Management has invested in smart software that can “read” invoices and, within seconds, process it against your NDIA Plan. If it is correct, it is forwarded to the NDIS. If something is not right, your team member will investigate immediately and solve the problem.

Our plan managers are selected for their people-skills as well as their financial management skills. They choose to work with us because they want to help people. They can also offer you tips on getting the most out of your plan because they know the rules. They take the hassle out of book-keeping so you can spend your time doing the things you love.

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