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NDIS Changes – Price Guide 2021

The NDIS Pricie Guide 2021 has recently been changed names to NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. 

The 2021 Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits assists participants and disability support providers to understand the way that price controls for supports and services work in the NDIS. Price regulation is in place to ensure that participants receive value for money in the supports that they receive.

To download your copy of NDIS pricing, click on the learn more or we have a PDF copy in our resources below. 

If you need help understanding NDIS pricing, our Plan Manager are more than happy to help answer any of your questions. 

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What is a Plan Manager?

When your plan is plan-managed, it means that you choose a plan manager to help you look after the service agreements you have with your providers and to help with the financial responsibilities of your plan. You might choose a plan manager if you want to have some of the flexibility of a self-managed a plan, such as using non-registered providers, but want help with

your financial responsibilities. Your plan manager will manage your NDIS budget, so they must be a registered NDIS provider. This means they have the correct qualifications, training and safety checks in place.

A plan manager will help you to understand the types of supports you can purchase with your NDIS plan, manage your budgets, track and inform how much you spend, understand the prices you can pay for your supports and pay your invoices, keep track of your records, such as invoices and receipts, and provide financial reports to you.

If you have a plan manager manage your plan, you will still select your service providers, discuss how much you are willing to pay for services within the Price Guide limits, and track your budget and spending in the myplace participant portal.