For Service Providers

         Quick and easy guide for NDIS Service Providers

Your Choice Plan Management automatically processes your invoices as soon as we receive them. Our invoice batches are uploaded to the NDIS every day.

We guarantee same-day processing of all invoices received. This helps your cash flow, and boosts your business confidence. It also provides NDIS participants with certainty in terms of continuity of services from you.

It’s as simple as emailing your invoice to

Your Choice Plan Management has invested in smart reader software that automatically ‘reads’ your invoice and processes it against your client’s NDIA Plan which is pre-loaded into our sophisticated plan management software.

If there is a problem with your invoice, we will contact you or your client to solve the problem. Common problems include coding errors, incorrect support categories, missing information, or exceeding the NDIS Price Guide cap.

The NDIS typically pays overnight and we forward payment to your bank account on the same day that we receive it. We also email the remittance advice to you.

Email your invoice to us:

Mail your invoice to us: Your Choice Plan Management, PO Box 5253, SCMC Nambour, QLD 4560

Email other enquiries to us at:

Phone us on 1300 497 492 or (07) 5441 4937

How to submit an invoice
Your client will tell you that they have chosen Your Choice Plan Management as their Plan Manager. When they tell you, you know that they have already provided us with authority to make payments on their behalf.

However, your client may not yet have told us that they chose you as their service provider. That’s why we recommend that you provide us with a copy of the Service Agreement signed by you and your client.

Don’t have a Service Agreement template? Click HERE for a blank Service Agreement template for you and your client to sign.

When we receive the Service Agreement, we ‘quarantine’ the funding specified for your services. If you have a Service Agreement, you can send us a copy at

If you don’t have a Service Agreement, your client should tell us that they have engaged you. If they haven’t told us, we will contact the client to seek authority to pay. We are obliged to do this to help prevent fraud against the NDIA.

Once this information has been provided to us, your invoice payment process can be streamlined. You can then simply email your invoice to

What should be on your invoice?
Invoices should contain the following information:
• Your invoice number
• Your ABN
• Your BSB, account number and account name
• Your email address to send remittance advice
• NDIS participant’s name
• NDIS participant’s NDIS number
• Date/s on which service/s were provided
• NDIS line item code. Download Price Guide Summary

If you need an invoice click HERE for a blank template. 

What about GST?
Most items funded by the NDIS are GST exempt, as per Australian Tax Office information about GST and NDIS and the application of section 38-38 of GST Act. For a small number of items where GST is applicable (delivery fees and taxi fares) the price is inclusive of GST. Further information can be obtained by the ATO website.

Want to know more about Plan Managed Funding?
You can find out more about Plan Management on the NDIS website by clicking HERE

Download our quick and easy Price Guide and our Service Provider Agreement by clicking on the images

NDIS Pricing Arragements

Service Agreement

Provider Invoice Form (PDF)

Provider Invoice (Word)